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New research published in Women’s Health Issues finds that US states where midwives can practice independently have better birth outcomes. Almost 40 years ago, Gaskin founded the Farm Midwifery Center , an intentional community in Tennessee, to take childbirth out of the firm grasp of the medical profession who have medicalized this normal physiological function. We improve the health of all women by developing and promoting a critical analysis of health issues in order to affect policy and support consumer decision-making.

A state government program supporting prenatal healthcare for recent and unauthorized immigrant women improved neonatal outcomes. A member of the group can feel your uterus by inserting two fingers of a gloved hand into the vagina pressing with the flat of the fingers of the other hand just above the pubic mound. Once genuine appreciation is achieved, the provision of quality healthcare services will be easily accessible to all women worldwide( Gehner, Chaib & Abraham, 2009 ).womens health

Our physicians offer general and specialized care ranging from yearly check-ups, to pre-natal care, to infertility and pelvic pain. Though many nurses are now turning to women’s health care as their principal area of focus, there has been such a shortage of nurses for so long that most experts agree that it will be some time before the health care system finds its balance again.womens healthwomens health

Many of the places where MSF works are patriarchal societies where it is difficult for women to implement contraception in their relationships and where women are not encouraged or allowed to freely access health care. As a national leader in stroke care, our Stroke Center is one of the first five Comprehensive Stroke Centers in the country and the first in San Diego – a designation given by The Joint Commission. One of MSF’s challenges can lie in encouraging the people we assist to make use of our emergency obstetric services.

Our experienced women’s health professionals offer superior care at our clinics, hospitals and women’s care centers around the Puget Sound region. Our world-class Women’s Cardiovascular Health Program is led by top female cardiologists dedicated to the most effective prevention strategies and treatments. In many countries where MSF works, it provides care during pregnancy and prenatal consultations, emergency obstetrics, and postnatal care. MSF provides treatment for fistula in some countries where obstetric services are absent, inadequate, or in need of support.