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Lemon is one of the oval-shaped fruit, lemon is also often used for cooking. lemon tea recipe same role with lemon when cooking. This is because lemon is rich in vitamin C bigger than lime. Vitamin C contained by lemon fruit is up to 88%. Here are other benefits of lemon.

    Eliminates dehydration

Lemon acids that can help us when we are thirsty because lemon acid that can break down the leftovers we eat. So the thirst was gone.

    Lose Weight Naturally

Acid water content contained in lemon fruit can help us lose weight. This acidic water works to dissolve the saturated fats in our body and burn excess calories in our body.

    Increase Vitamin C

Vitamin C contained in lemon fruit is very much from the fruit of lime. This vitamin C content is excellent for maintaining and strengthening the immune system in the body. It can also repair damaged cells in the body.

    Shrink the Pot Belly

Vitamin C contained in lemon fruit was able to neutralize the fat in the stomach. So that the stomach can shrink little by little.

    Can Whiten Skin

The fruit is very high vitamin C extract is very good for the skin, how to care for a mask with lemon skin.

    Overcoming Flatulence

If you are the one who may have frequent flatulence, this can be tried this way. Warm water mixed with the feeling of lemon water can control for those of you who overcome a bloated stomach.

    Eliminating blackheads

Same with skin facial tightening, it turns out citric acid is also able to eliminate blackheads. The function of citric acid is also able to tighten the pores and banish back blackheads on our face.

    Eliminate Black Spots

Lemon flavor water has many benefits, but its skin is also very useful. Proven lemon skin is able to remove the marks of black spots or black spots. By doing mask treatment with lemon skin, able to prevent the loss of black spots one by one. Processed With Other Lemon Fruit Variations

  1. Yellow Pepper Juice of Lemon Carrots

The ingredients are 1/2 yellow pepper or can be replaced with green or red peppers, 1 carrot, 1 lemon then take the water as the ingredients, 1/2 cup water about 100mL, and sugar according to the dose (better not use sugar when it is in diet process). Once the material is available so one, then blend all the ingredients together until smooth. After that pour and serve the glass.

  1. Lemon Mint Watermelon Juice

Prepare watermelon or can be replaced with other fruits other than watermelon according to taste. After that, the ingredients of watermelon are cut into pieces, lemon juice 5 tablespoons, sugar, and mint leaves. Mix the ingredients in one blender. After that, add the mint leaves to the juice and ready to serve and drink. It is suitable for those who are on a diet trip.

  1. Lemon Ice With Lemon

Prepare the ingredients like 2 lemon juice water, 1/2 juice of orange juice, sugar according to taste, 3 mint leaves, 200 mL water, after the ingredients ready mixed one by one into one. Stir into one, after the ingredients have been tasty can be prepared and can be directly drunk. Suitable drink daily for diet users.

  1. Chicken sauce Oyster Mix Lemon

the ingredients are 1 chopped chicken, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, 1 teaspoon soy sauce, 1 teaspoon water ginger odor abuses from chicken, onion, garlic, and mix 3 tablespoons lemon water. Then saute onion, garlic, and ginger that has been mashed after entering the chicken that has been fried cooked, add soy sauce after that sweet soy sauce, and finally enter the lemon water.