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Benefits and efficacy of bananas for health and beauty will be discussed in full in my post this time. Many people know the benefits of bananas for pregnant women, support the diet, hair fertility, infant health, skin and facial health, and heart health. Banana fruit which is known as the fruit of the oval colored green to yellow if you find out more it turned out to have good benefits for health and beauty.

The friend in tips health, therefore here I will describe to you in full what are the benefits that we can get after consuming bananas. Banana fruit itself is a fruit that many found in various countries, especially Indonesia. Even in Indonesia, the production of bananas is always abundant. But not many people know more about the benefits of eating bananas.

Benefits of Banana Fruit for Health

Bananas have a good content for our body’s health. Lots of content contained in bananas so that these fruits have health benefits, among the benefits are as follows:

  1. Good for energy sources and increase endurance. Bananas contain a lot of carbohydrates that you can make as a fruit supply of energy. In addition, bananas can also maintain or increase endurance.
  2. Prevent high blood pressure and stroke. Did you know if bananas contain potassium? Yes, bananas contain potassium is good for the health of the body, especially the brain because the potassium content can accelerate the flow of oxygen to your brain. So you will be more avoid the attack of high blood pressure or stroke.
  3. Can digestion. For those of you who have problems with your digestive system, try eating bananas. Because the content contained in bananas can facilitate the process of metabolism in the body.
  4. Can cope with Anemia. Anemia or diseases caused by blood deficiency can be avoided by eating bananas. Because the iron content contained in the banana has a good benefit so it can prevent anemia.

Benefits of Banana Fruit for Beauty

In addition to bananas have a myriad of health benefits that I have briefly reviewed above, did you know if the banana also has a good benefit for beauty? Here are the benefits of bananas for the beauty you need to know:

  1. Bananas can deify the face. If you want smooth faces or avoid skin dryness, maybe bananas can help you. Bananas have a good content for your skin health. To get a smooth face, you can make a face mask with banana fruit that has been mashed and mixed with honey to taste, then spread on the face evenly.
  2. Can lift dead skin cells. Dead skin cells that have a lot and accumulate in the face will cause some problems, including your face, will look dull and oily. To overcome this, you can use a banana that has been mashed and then applies to your face, let stand for a moment then rinses with clean water.
  3. Can eliminate acne. Banana fruit is good to eat because it tastes sweet and has a good content for health, also you can use as a natural acne remedy. You can use a banana mask in the same way that I have reviewed the benefits of banana point 2 above.
  4. Bananas can also brighten your face. By using a banana that you already though a mask to apply on your face, get a bright natural face that can enhance your beauty.

Thus my post about Benefits and Benefits of Banana Fruit for Health and Beauty. Hopefully useful, and please read my post is no less interesting other.